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Born 3018[1]
Died 3057
Affiliation Black Thorns
Arena Gladiator

Esmeralda (3018 - 3057) is a MechWarrior with the Black Thorns mercenary unit.

Esmeralda dueled on Solaris VII, but did not achieve real success until lance-on-lance dueling became popular.[1] She met Jeremiah Rose in 3054 when he talked himself into a lance-on-lance duel between Warwick Stables and Carstairs Stables, the stable Esmeralda worked for. After the successful conclusion of that duel, Esmeralda and stablemate Badicus O'Shea joined Rose's nascent mercenary unit.[2]

Esmeralda died fighting on Courchevel.[1]


On Solaris, Esmeralda piloted a -7M Warhammer. She took her BattleMech with her when she left Solaris to join the Black Thorns.[2] Following the Black Thorns' campaign on Borghese, she piloted a salvaged Mad Cat.


  • Esmeralda's name is misspelled throughout The Black Thorns (sourcebook) as Esmerelda.


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