Eta Galaxy (Clan Hell's Horses)

Eta Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname The Shadow Riders
Parent Formation Clan Hell's Horses Touman

Eta Galaxy was formed as a low cost defensive formation for Clan Hell's Horses.


Eta Galaxy was formed early on in the Clan's history as a low cost defensive unit along the lines of Epsilon Galaxy. Unlike that unit however, the warriors assigned to Eta were some of the lowest performing warriors in the touman. This trend became tradition, with the Horses transferring their least capable warriors, freeborns, and solahma warriors to Eta. Though not as bad as Iota Galaxy, these warriors were often the most troubled warriors in their old units, and skilled at walking the line between dezgra and Clan-like behavior.[1]

These warriors are capable, but their surly response to orders and demeanor embarrass their Clan. Despite this, they remain too valuable to remove from service.[1]

In the period between 3058 and 3067 Eta Galaxy was successful in several Trials. This, along with a much reduced discipline problem, increased their standing within the Horse's touman.[2]


As of 3059 to 3067 the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Unther Cooper.[1][3]


The warriors of Eta Galaxy are willing to discard the rules of zellbrigen at the slightest provocation.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Game Rules[edit]

Eta Galaxy can make use of Overrun Combat and Off-Map Movement special abilities. The Eta player can also deploy half his units as Hidden Units. At the end of every turn, Eta player should roll 2D6; On a roll of 7+ Eta discards zellbrigen.[4]


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