Daniel Peterson

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Daniel Peterson
Also known as Ezekiel Crow
Ritter Michaelson
Born: 7 October 3089
Died: 15 August 3134
Affiliation The Republic of the Sphere
Paladin of the Republic
Parents Michael Peterson (father)
Celia Stevens (mother)

Daniel Peterson (3089[1]3134[2], aged 45 years), later known as Ezekiel Crow, was a Republic of the Sphere MechWarrior, Paladin, and traitor. Crow is described as having brown hair, dark blue eyes, and of being average height and build. He speaks with no discernible accent and is said to posses an "undeniable presence".[3]

Character brief[edit]

Early Life[edit]

Peterson was raised on Liao in the city of Chang-an.[4]

Betrayer of Liao[edit]

Paladin of the Republic[edit]

By the age of forty, he had already led a distinguished career. He was a graduate of the Northwind Military Academy; served as Planetary Legate for the planet of Foot Fall and led a successful effort against smugglers and terrorists in Prefecture V; he had been decorated with Knighthood; brokered a peace in the Liao Conservatory Rebellion; and finally made a Paladin of the Sphere for his service to the Republic.[5]

In November of 3132 Crow was dispatched to the planet of Northwind in Prefecture III.[6] His mission was to bolster and observe defenses on Northwind as the world was considered vital in the protection of Terra.[7]

In June of 3133 the Steel Wolves, under the leadership of Galaxy Commander Anastasia Kerensky, would invade Northwind and make an immediate play for the planetary capital of Tara. Crow would be instrumental in helping Countess Tara Campbell orchestrate a defense of the planet. He would become a close confidant of hers and a lover.[8] He and Campbell would meet with Anastasia in a failed negotiation attempt to delay a final confrontation but this only angered Kerensky and precipitated the battle. Crow fought alongside Northwind's troops in the battle on the Plains of Tara, just north of the capital. During the fighting he would engage Anastasia Kerensky in his Blade until her Ryoken II was disabled by a lightning strike.[9]Kerensky's defeat helped turn the tide, driving the Steel Wolves off-world.[10]

Black Paladin[edit]

Among the Paladins, a notable figure is the "Black Paladin", Ezekiel Crow, whose real name was Daniel Peterson. As Daniel, he betrayed the world of Liao in 3111 to forces of the Capellan Confederation, resulting in a massacre of the Republic forces and civilian population that would become known as the Betrayal of Liao. After discovering that this had led to his own parents' deaths, he fled the planet and vanished only to be reborn as Ezekiel Crow. As a Paladin of The Republic, he betrayed the very Republic he had sworn to defend a second time, on the planet Northwind. Countess Tara Campbell of Northwind and of the Highlanders, unaware of his intentions, had fallen for him. Shortly after his betrayal on Northwind, he attempted to assassinate Paladin Jonah Levin on Terra, and interfered with Terra's planetary defense against the Steel Wolves. His attempt was foiled when Countess Northwind defeated him and destroyed his 'Mech. Unbeknownst to her, he did not die; in an attempt to redeem himself, he ended up on the Republican world of Liao, fighting against a Capellan Confederation assault and died there, refusing to eject from his exploding Tundra Wolf.


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