George Humphreys

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George Humphreys
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip


In 2765 the WarShip George Humphreys was in service with the Free Worlds League Navy (FWLN) as the FWLS George Humphreys, and was the flagship of the FWLN Fifth Fleet. The core of the Fifth Fleet at this time was a quartet of Atreus-class battleships, accompanied by two League-class destroyers and an Aegis-class heavy cruiser plus additional JumpShips and DropShips as required and perhaps one additional WarShip.[1]

The Fifth Fleet was anchored in the Gibraltar system, but the George Humphreys and the other ships in her fleet were responsible for a wide patrol area and were often spread across the anti-spinward and rimward regions of the Free Worlds League. The Fifth Fleet saw relatively little combat between 2755 and 2765, and intelligence reports by the Star League Intelligence Command thought it likely that some or all of the Fifth Fleet would be reassigned to other fleets in the event of a significant incident.[1]


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