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Among the Clans always one of the weakest in military strength, the touman is a composition of fewer omnis and with more 2nd line mechs. The society watch carefully over the restricted resources. Khan Boques, a leader with a great sense for economy developed 4 points, which every new class must fulfil to field in the touman:

1: every design must cost the minimum of resources
2: to sustain massive damage and remain operational
3: deliver a large amount of fire power
4: can used in different combat roles [1]


The fighters are controlled under a united command and assigned on demand to each unit. [2] The touman pushed many 2nd line fighters in frontline roles. [3]


The Spirits used since their founding the common structure of the great leader. Every cluster includes always a trinary or in numbers: 30 vehicles. Cheap to produce and in maintance this is a idle weapon for the touman. The clan used them extensiv in defensiv engagement and force multiplier. [4]



The Spirits changed in an agreement a few of their warship for 2nd line Mechs with the Snow Raven. From 2980 until 3010 the Ravens delivered many of their equipment and allowed the Spirits to grow in strength for the battles to come [5]



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