Fall of the Blossom

Fall of the Blossom
Story information
Author Steven Mohan Jr.
Pages 15
Type Short story
Product First Strike (anthology)
Era Civil War era
Timeline 19 March - 12 April 3064
Preceded by Of War and Peace and Cherry Trees

Fall of the Blossom (named "The Fall of the Blossom" in the page headers, but simply "Fall of the Blossom" in the title and index) is a short story by Steven Mohan Jr. that was published in the second BattleCorps print anthology, First Strike. It is a sequel to the BattleCorps story Of War and Peace and Cherry Trees that was (re-)published in print in the same book. Unlike all other stories contained in the anthology, Fall of the Blossom has not been published online via BattleCorps.

Plot summary[edit]

The events on Richmond—particularly the trial won against Shintaro Yamada and the subsequent conquest of the planet which, however, has since been reclaimed by the Draconis Combine—have earned Star Colonel Christer Hall an assignment to the Second Bear Regulars. His bondsman Yamada's pacifist ideas have earned Yamada the emnity of many Clan Ghost Bear warriors, and he is challenged to a fight to the death in a Circle of Equals on Radstadt where he defeats and kills his opponent, one MechWarrior Angelica. After the fight, Christer Hall discusses his attitude with him and questions him about his adopted crest, the cherry tree. Yamada explains how the cherry tree outside his prison window still grew despite the proximity of the prison wall, a sign that it had to be what it was—a cherry tree. Hall agrees to the analogy, but observes that Yamada does not know what he is. In Hall's opinion, Yamada is a superior warrior. Yamada adamantly disagrees, yet Hall cuts his bondcord to elevate him to warrior status and informs them that they are going to battle against Clan Wolf on Gunzburg.

In the swampland outside Stortalar City on Gunzburg, Yamada in his Atlas is assigned to guard the flank of a Ghost Bear force on 12 April 3064. Unsure whether or not to engage in combat, Yamada cannot resist the urge to engage an enemy scout Star and finds himself in a tough fight, until Hall's Kodiak emerges from hiding to support him. Hall had been monitoring Yamada to see if he would embrace his warrior nature and attack the enemy 'Mechs. Together, they rout the enemy force.

After the fight, Yamada and Hall come to discuss once more whether Yamada has become a Clanner and embraced warfare. In defiance of a fate he resents, Yamada uses a laser to ignite swamp gas near Hall's heavily damaged 'Mech, killing him. He then returns to base and reports Star Colonel Hall had fallen in battle, having decided to wage war on the Clans and their way of life from within forthwith.

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