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System information
X:Y Coordinates 516.50: -613.23[e]

Planetary Info[edit]

Farhome is a colony world approximately 90 light years "beyond" the Taurian Concordat, though it is unclear from the description if the colony is rimward or spinward. Farhome is a lush planet with large tropical rain forests. The highest predators are large saurians, similar to dinosaurs of prehistoric Terra.


The planet was settled in the mid-twenty-second century by a group calling themselves the "Naturists", numbering approximately 3000 families. The Naturists intended to establish an agrarian utopia, with technology equivalent to that of Terra in the 1400s. However, technology diminished even further; the people of thirty-first century Farhome live as paleolithic people. The people of Farhome speak a combination of English, French, and American Sign Language.