Fearless (Individual Intruder-class DropShip)

This article is about the Intruder-class DropShip. For the Luxor-class WarShip, see Fearless (Luxor).

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Intruder


The Fearless was an Intruder-class DropShip owned and operated until at least 3067 by the mercenary unit known as The Medusans. The Fearless and the Leopard CV-class Tiger formed the Third Division of Hydra Assault Squadron, serving under the commanding officer of the Third Division, Captain Hugh Evan-Thomas.[1]

When the Medusans attempted to defend New Syrtis from a Capellan strike force in 3069, the Fearless was one of the ships involved in launching a deep space ambush against the Capellans. While the Medusans managed to destroy a Leopard and a Triumph and damaged a number of other Capellan DropShips, the mercenaries took damage in turn from the Capellan forces led by the Impavido class WarShip CCS Zhejiang, which was escorting the strike force. Fearless avoided taking significant damage during the battle, and by the end of 3071 was one of only three Medusan ships to be fully battleworthy.[2]


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