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The Federated Suns nationalized the Galax Branch of Boeing Interstellar shortly after it's CEO dithered and insisted on waiting for input from the Company Headquarters on Terra to respond shortly after the fall of the Star League.[1] Now operating under the name of Federated-Boeing Interstellar the lines originally produced twenty-five classes of DropShips. The number of DropShip designs in production dwindled to ten over the next three hundred years as Galax lost access to the required technology. [2]

Manufacturing Centers[edit]

Federated-Boeing Interstellar has manufacturing centers on the following planets:[1]

Port Simon Naval Shipyards (Galax)[edit]

Components produced by Port Simon Naval Shipyards (Galax):

Component Type
CargoKing DropShips
CargoMaster DropShips
Gazelle DropShips
Leopard DropShips
Leopard CV DropShips
Overlord DropShips
Union DropShips

Boeing Aerospace Frame Ltd. (Galax)[edit]

Components produced by Boeing Aerospace Frame Ltd. (Galax):

Component Type
DropShip Frames DropShip Frames

Boeing Instrumentation Ltd. (Galax)[edit]

Components produced by Boeing Instrumentation Ltd. (Galax):

Component Type
Instrumentation for DropShips and AeroSpace Fighters Instrumentation for DropShips and AeroSpace Fighters

Grumman-Boeing Engine Corporation (Galax)[edit]

Components produced by Grumman-Boeing Engine Corporation (Galax):

Component Type
DropShip Engine and Maneuver Systems DropShip Engine and Maneuver Systems

Federated-Boeing Civilian (Galax)[edit]

Components produced by Federated-Boeing Civilian (Galax):

Component Type
Civilian DropShips Civilian DropShips
Civillian DropShips Civillian DropShips
Civilian DropShips Civilian DropShips


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