Duchy of Oriente

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Fact Sheet[edit]

  • Founding Year: 2241 - as Federation of Oriente [1]
  • Capital (City, World): N/A
  • National Symbol:
  • Total (Inhabited) Systems:
  • Government: Representive Commonality [2]
  • Official Language: N/A
  • Religion: N/A


As one of the founding states, Oriente supported many times the Marik clan sometimes oppose it. The Duchy posses a central role in the economy, military and other important places of the league. The House Halas have direct connections to the ruling Mariks through a marriage of the daugther of the Duke with Thomas Marik.

The Jihad[edit]

In early April 3076 the Duchy of Oriente reportedly sponsored a raid on Atreus by the 2nd Knights of the Inner Sphere which resulted in the Knights being destroyed.[3][4]

In the years between the breakup of the Free Worlds League and the formation of the Oriente Protectorate, the Duchy of Oriente suffered contstant attacks along the Oriente-Regulus border, where the Regulans continually raided the Duchy for supplies and materials. The armed forces of the Duchy, the Duke's and Duchess' Own Corps of Fusiliers and Hussars, struck back at planets in Regulan space, but had trouble using their superior numbers against the Prinicipality's armed forces and their years of experience at waging guerilla warfare against the Word of Blake.[5]

Forced into constant low-level warfare against the Regulans, the Duchy interdicted the jump points in the Avior and Muscida systems to try and cut the Regulan raiders off from their supply bases. Thankfully, relations with the Duchy's other neighbours were warmer; the Duchy of Orloff and the Protectorate began cross-training military units together in the 3080s, with liaisons from all three governments increasingly commonly being seen together.[5]

List of Rulers[edit]

Duchy of Oriente Historical Maps (Gallery)[edit]


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