Ferro-Lamellor Armor

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Created by the Scientist caste of Clan Snow Raven in 3070,[1] Ferro-Lamellor armor is based on the Ferro-Carbide armor used in the Raven's WarShips. Scaled down for use on 'Mechs, AeroSpace Fighters, and tanks, the experimental Ferro-Lamellor armor offers improved protection, beyond even that of the Ferro-Fibrous armor family.

Though it only offers 88% coverage compared to standard armor[2] , Ferro-Lamellor has a unique property: It reduces the damage of weapon strikes by 20%.[3] In addition, the armor will reinforce the structure of the unit mounting it, making it impervious to the armor piercing effects of Armor-Piercing autocannon ammunition, Tandem-Charge Warheads, and BattleMech Tasers.[4]


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