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, The Short Ranged Missile in the Role Playing Game is Lighter, AP 6 * 7d6 w/Blast under the MechWarrior, Third Edition system and the IPCR formula published in Combat Operations translates it to 1 Damage, LosTech: The MechWarrior Equipment Guide contains an error in the stats for the SRM launcher if they were changing the name for the Infantry Portable Equivalent to the BattleMech Mounted Weapon and abandoning the Lighter Weapon. The Correct stats for 2 damage would be in the range of 6 * 14d6 w/Blast. If they were not intending to abandon the lighter weapon and have just never published the stats for the 'Mech Class SRM, then the Mass for the Launcher is way Higher than the weapon as it appeared in MechWarrior, First Edition and MechWarrior, Second Edition due to the Confusion in Names Generated by the RPG Heavy SRM published in Technical Readout: 3026 for MechWarrior, First Edition, and MechWarrior Companion for MechWarrior, Second Edition being the same as the BattleTech SRM. This Error has been Compounded in Classic BattleTech Companion with the Damage Stats for the BattleArmor Mounted SRM not being Capable of doing 2 Damage under the IPCR.--Cameron 13:26, 20 September 2009 (UTC)