File talk:Mad Dog - interior.jpg

Just a comment, but I suspect the scifi artist who drew this wasn't particularly knowledgable about mechs. Viz, where are the myomers!?! It looks like some sort of pistons in the limbs and a bizarre rotary-type drive axle between the legs.

The inside of a mech's limb should be strong pieces of skeleton, with the myomer stuck to them at various points. In the same manner as in animals and people, muscles moving bones. I confess I haven't seen a myomer, but again, it's a big bundle that shortens. It looks like a muscle because it functions like one.

The picture's a bit generic. Also there's no indication of the reactor, cooling, a million other things. Just somebody imagining the inside from looking at the outside, without reading up on how it's supposed to be.


All the official internal shots such as in BattleTech Blueprints and Omni-Mech Blueprints are like this image, with the moymers when shown are layered over the internals seen here and not using "floating" bones. It's kind of like non-rotary autocannons having multiple barrels or missile launchers with odd numbers of launch tubes, looks trump "reality". The very similar internal shots of the Mad Cat in MechWarrior, Second Edition RPG give fairly specific examples of the Vulture's legs look with moymers if your interested. Cyc 22:53, 7 December 2008 (PST)