File talk:Rfl-7X rifleman.png


I suspect that the image for the RFL-7X is actually the RFL-C-2, for several reasons:

  • In TRO:3085, Matt Plog was very careful to illustrate lasers with glass reflections and PPCs with some sort of fan/prong assembly (note the OSR-5W)
  • Matt Plog was also careful to illustrate large JJ assemblies for improved jump jets
  • CBT Battleblog, July 14, 2010, a reference to creating artwork for the wrong configuration and/or needing to make a new variant to match the art:
"Whoops, this design doesn't have a missile launcher… Err the artist isn't available right now, Joel we need a design with an SRM 2" I've heard rumors from Herb about how authors swarm him with questions after a product goes out and I start to understand what he goes through. When Ken' sees the Eldinger he's gonna ask "Where did the other ATM rack go?" And I get to answer "Well I totally forgot this had to match some art we already had and that requires it to carry Elementals, I had to cut the firepower."

I've noticed this a bunch of times with the new TRO: 3085, and I just thought I would bring it to everyone's attention.--S.gage 15:54, 17 April 2011 (UTC)

A second example of the illustration = a variant: GOL-3H (which has no MMLs) looks a lot like the description of the GOL-3M.
Just to clarify, I enjoy all of the Matt Plog images from TRO: 3085, and feel he did a better job with the the SCP, LCT and WHM. My concern here is the name on the image.--S.gage 16:12, 17 April 2011 (UTC)