Fire Horse Galaxy (Clan Hell's Horses)

Fire Horse Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Clan Hell's Horses


The Fire Horse Galaxy proved to be central to events in the Clan Occupation Zones between 3135 and 3145.[1] During the Clan Jade Falcon invasion of the Republic of the Sphere - referred to as the Falcon desant by the Jade Falcons[2] - the Fire Horses travelled to the planet Skye after the planet fell to the Falcon forces, intent on teaching Malvina Hazen the true use of the infamous Mongol Doctrine.[1]

Events didn't play out as Fire Horse Galaxy had perhaps planned. The Galaxy pledged its loyalty to Malvina on the 8th of December 3135,[3] three months after Malvina led the most loyal of her forces to the Jade Falcon capital of Sudeten intent on obtaining support for securing the worlds within the Falcon's Reach and for further conquests. Malvina and her followers sparked a civil war with those forces loyal to Khan Jana Pryde, attracting those philosophically inclined to follow the Mongol Doctrine and earning the allegiance of Fire Horse Galaxy and ultimately winning the civil war. Malvina then began an extensive and brutal purge to rid herself of those who opposed her and remake the Jade Falcons in her image,[2] and by 3136 Fire Horse Galaxy had defeated the Jade Falcon Vau Galaxy on Antares,[4] been decapitated twice, returned to the Clan Hell's Horses fold and become allies-cum-bondsmen, ostensibly as a warning to Malvina.[1]

During the Jade Falcon invasion of the Lyran Commonwealth Fire Horse Galaxy served alongside the Hell's Horses Beta Galaxy and the Jade Falcon's Gamma Galaxy on the Sargasso front and nearly reached Coventry, only to be left behind as the Jade Falcon's Delta Galaxy pushed ahead. The Fire Horses were left securing Horneburg and Westerstede while Malvina's forces struck at Tharkad.[1]

After the battle on Tharkad the Fire Horses were assigned to garrisoning the newly captured world, an assignment that saw them subject to constant raiding at the hands of mercenary forces employed by the Lyran Commonwealth. Fire Galaxy handled the raids well enough, but were content to withdraw to the Hell's Horses Occupation Zone after Malvina's actions during the battles on Hesperus II and the subsequent defection of her former Hell's Horses allies.[1]

In 3145 Fire Horse Galaxy was positioned close to Sudeten while the Clan waited for Malvina's inevitable response to their defection from her cause.[1] The Congress-class frigate Bucephalus was assigned to escorting Fire Horse Galaxy around at the time, protecting the Galaxy's JumpShips.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Fire Horse Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Manas Amirault 3135[6]
Galaxy Commander Patrici DeLaurel 3145[7]


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  • When generating a Fire Horse unit using random weight class tables or random Star weight tables apply a +1 modifier to the results when creating BattleMech forces.[8]
  • When generating a Fire Horse unit using random weight class tables or random Star weight tables apply a -1 modifier to the results when creating vehicle forces.[4]
  • The Fire Galaxy player may negate any one special command ability of his choice possessed by his or her opponent if that opponent is fielding a Clan Jade Falcon force.[4]


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