Fire Wheel Battlegroup (Clan Goliath Scorpion)

Unit Profile (as of 3061)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation Beta Galaxy


The Clan Snow Raven Brim Naval Assault Star arrived at Roche in March 3069 under the command of Star Admiral Anta McKenna, who immediately declared a Trial of Possession for all of the Goliath Scorpion WarShips currently on station and their crews. The initial batchalls were bargained down until the bidding resulted in a single WarShip plus AeroSpace Fighters from each side fighting the Trial. The Snow Ravens fought using the Aegis-class heavy cruiser CSR Black Justice, squaring off against the Lola III-class destroyer CGS Sagitta and her accompanying fighters under the overall command of Star Admiral Rebecca Suvorov. The loss of this Trial resulted in the loss of four warships including the Garlon.[1]

In June 3073, the Auriga was one of five vessels amalgamated hastily into a new star - the Alpha Naval Reserve Star - and deployed to the Foster system in an attempt to reassert the Goliath Scorpion presence in the system following the disastrous loss of Gamma Galaxy and Loremaster Kyrie Ben-Shimon in the system a few months before hand.[2]

In November 3073 the Hephaestus was attached to Alpha Galaxy, Khan Ariel Suvorov used it in an attempt to contact the remnants of Clan Fire Mandrill on their homeworld, Shadow.[3]

The loss of three warships by 3073 marked an end to the Star as a formal force, its ships were split up to other assignments.


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