Fist of Mokal

Fist of Mokal.jpg
Fist of Mokal: Desperadoes
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Major Rocco Valdez
Disbanded The Jihad
JumpShips no
DropShips yes
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry no


Created in 3054 by Major Rocco Valdez the mercenary unit Fist of Mokal was composed of warriors gathered from units that had been shattered by the Clan invasion of the Inner Sphere. The Major spent the first two years working with his recruits, hammering them into a cohesive battle ready force ready to take on any contract. Using his connections with the Free Worlds League Major Valdez negotiated the unit's first contract, garrison duty on the FedCom border world of Berenson. They stayed on this world for a year, continuing to work to improve during this time of relative peace. In 3057 they were loaned to the Capellan Confederation for their invasion of FedCom space, fighting on the planet Sheratan alongside another mercenary unit Jeffrey's Own. Due to the actions of Jeffrey's Own during the fighting on Sheratan and the death of thousands of civilians while the Fist were there the Free Worlds League voided both mercenary companies contracts and proscribed the units, making them outcasts, unwelcome on Outreach and considered pariah by all.

In dire straights and ready to disband the Fist, Major Valdez was approached by Word of Blake representatives on Galatea. Offered a contract by an aged Demi-Precentor, both the Fist and Jeffrey's Own accepted and were shipped to Terra Firma where they were put in contact with Blakist friendly separatist groups. After only two weeks the mercenary and Word of Blake insurrectionists were successful and Capolla had been secured.

The planets Liaoist sympathizers went underground and continued guerrilla actions, eventually culminating in the kidnapping and brutal murder of Major Jeffries in 3066. Major Valdez, wanting to head off another Sheratan in the making, convinced the MechWarriors of Jeffrey's Own to forgo vengeance and merge with the Fist. With a larger command at his disposal Valdez spent the next year purging the Liao sympathizing Zhanzheng de Guang terrorists from Terra Firma, confirming his oath to avenge the Own's dead commander. Now a full Battalion in strength the Fist has become the defacto standing army of Terra Firma and is firmly loyal to their Blakist employers.

By 3081 it had been confirmed that the Fist of Mokal had been wiped out during the Jihad.[1]


Major Valdez is a charismatic leader and served with the FWLM in the past.


The unit is effective in open warfare or in close quarters.


The unit employ enough techs and each company can transport in their own Union-class Dropship.

Dragoon Ratings[edit]


Dragoon Rating: B-



Fist of Mokal(1 Battalion/Veteran/Reliable)

  • CO: Major Rocco Valdez
  • Deccan Horse Company: Captain Maria Valdez
  • Poona Horse Company: Captain Jezebel Jhingan
Both companies contains each 1 battle lance, 1 medium striker, 1 assault lance and are the work horses of the command.
  • Scinde Horse Company: Captain William Hobson
This company acts as scout with their light/medium machines



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