Fitzhugh Stables

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Fitzhugh Stables
Colors/Badge purple and white; a snarling white tiger's head against an inverted purple triangle
Stable Profile
Experience Elite (3067)
Rating B (3067)
Faction Affiliation Andurien
Units Used
BattleMechs 27 (3051 and 3054)
22 (3067)


This Stable is loyal to the Duchy of Andurien, not the FWL, making it a sword enemy of other stables aligned with the FWL.


The unit has a longstanding feud with the Bromley Stables and supports any stable who has difficulties with them. There is a theory that since 3052 there has been some inter-stable sabotage which have resulted in some lost fights for Fitzhugh, though fans enjoy the fights between both Stables.

Many believe the death of Thaddeus Fitzhugh is an indirect result of the fight between these two factions. His son, André Fitzhugh become the owner after his father'sw death.[1]



Stablemaster and Owner[edit]

André Fitzhugh is a fanatic Andurien, who cultivates a close relationship with his MechWarriors.[2] He is knonw to apply pressure on non Andurien Stables with Andurien Warriors.[1]

Notable Personnel[edit]


The stable has several instructors, former Free Worlds League small-unit commanders. Sometimes they even double as fighters for the Stables.[2]


  • Gordon Mack is the Master Tech of the stable, graduated in Hachiman on the Draconis Combine by its well known Technical Institute.[2] He is known for his skills to improvise, scrounge and scavenge, being able to keep 'Mechs running at peak efficiency on a limited budget.[3]


In 3051 21 Mechwarriors were fighting for Fitzhugh Stables.[4]

This number has changed to 17 in 3067.[1]

Known Mechwarriors[edit]

Tactics and Style[edit]

The warriors of the stable employed stealth tactics to great effect. They also used the terrain to their advantage. Against Bromley Stables those tactics generally take on a more sinister note.[1]


Fitzhugh Stables main training compound near seacoast town of Chiba with a large practice field. The repair facilities were crippled recently. Gossip says this has been done by Thaddeus Bromley from Bromley Stables, and that Fitzhugh is currently plotting revenge.[4]


As per 3067, the standard contract is for 1.200 C-Bills and a 24% of the earnings.[7]


Game Rules[edit]

The Stable as of 3067 has access to C Rated Equipment.

Fitzhugh MechWarriors can hide on the move. If they begun the turn with no LOS to the hiding 'Mech and make a Legal Walking/Running movement that also ends with no LOS to the hiding 'Mech, they can deploy the 'Mech in that hex using the standard hidden units rules (BMR, p.83).

Fitzhugh MechWarriors gain a +1 Initiative bonus during matches against Bromley Stables. Fitzhugh 'Mechs also increase by +1 the to-hit penalty for partial cover, woods or smoke hexes.[8]


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