BattleMech Flail


The BattleMech Flail is a physical attack weapon developed in the arenas of Solaris VII. Though more controllable than the Wrecking Ball that inspired it, the Flail is still tricky to use. MechWarriors have been known to inflict damage on their own 'Mechs from the swinging Flail head. It is possible that the swinging Flail will cause the 'Mech using it to overbalance, bringing the 'Mech down at an inopportune moment.[citation needed]


Game Rules[edit]

The BattleMech Flail inflicts 9 points of damage on a successful to hit roll. It isn't affected by tonnage or Triple Strength Myomer.[1] As it is so unwieldy, there is a 1 point penalty on to hit rolls. If the Flail user rolls a 2 on the to-hit roll, the miss inflicts 5 points of damage on the Flail-wielding 'Mech's front side and the MechWarrior must make a piloting skill roll to avoid falling down.[2]


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