Developed by the Terran Hegemony around 2310[1], Flak autocannon rounds are designed to be used in anti-aircraft units like the Rifleman or Partisan tank. These rounds are designed to fragment into multiple smaller munitions, similar to the cluster round used by the LB-X Autocannon family.

However, the fragments generated by flak ammunition are too small to inflict significant damage on other combat units; it is partly the motion of the VTOL or fighter through the flak cloud that helps inflict the damage. The ineffectiveness against non-flying armored units is the reason why this type of ammunition is quite unpopular on today’s battlefield.


Game Rules[edit]

Flak ammo only inflicts half the normal damage on all targets except moving VTOLs and Fighters (AeroSpace and Conventional), WiGEs and conventional infantry.[2] Used in attacks against moving VTOLs, Fighters and WiGEs, Flak ammunition confers a -2 to-hit modifier.[3]


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