Foot Ballistic Rifle

Foot Ballistic Rifle Inf 3085S.png
Foot Ballistic Rifle
Platoon Type (Specialty) Foot (None)
Platoon Size (Squad/Platoon) 28 (7/4)
Technical specifications
Primary Weapon 28 Auto-Rifles
Secondary Weapon None
Armor Flak, Standard
Tech Base/Rating Inner Sphere (C/A-A-A)
Transport Weight 3 tons
Ground MP 1
Jump MP 0
Armor Divisor 1
To-Hit Modifier (Range in Hexes) –2 (0 Hex),
0 (1 Hex),
+2 (2 Hexes),
+4 (3 Hexes)
BV (2.0) 81


The Foot Ballistic Rifle infantry platoon is one of the most common infantry formations. Such units provide the bulk of planetary militia and are even employed in support of front line BattleMech formations.

Notable Units[edit]

In the post-Jihad era such units are typified by the 513th Infantry Regiment within V Hastati of the Republic Armed Forces. Built in large part around a former Armed Forces of the Federated Suns regiment, the 375th Avalon Rifle Regiment, the ethos of the 513th is very much rooted in the professionalism and dedication of the battalion from the 375th that formed the nucleus of the modern Republican regiment. Capable of using a variety of weapons, the 513th excels in applying rifles to a variety of problems, whether firing en masse or acting as individual sharpshooters. The 513th is also capable of pack and moving out as a formed regiment in just three hours, transporting everything needed for three weeks of operations in the field on their backs.[1]


Each Foot Ballistic Rifle infantry platoon carries twenty-eight Auto-Rifles and no support weaponry.[1]


  • Heavy Armor
    Foot infantry are one of the few infantry types that can be equipped with full suits of ballistic combat plate armor, which significantly increases the individual trooper's chances of survival.[2]


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