Fortified Command Post (Clan Invasion)

Production information
Use Fortress
Structure Type Heavy
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost  ?
Man Hours
Introduced 3052
Technical specifications
Size (in hexes) 2
Levels 3
Construction Factor
Power Requirements Fusion power supply
Armament Turret Hex 1:

Hex 1 level 2:

Hex 2 level 1:

Turret Hex 2:

Heat Sinks  ?
Armor 80
Equipment 6 Search lights, 16 crew quarters, MASH with 2 theaters, communication equipment, 2 field kitchen, 2 light vehicle bays, 6 foot infantry bays, mobile field base, 3 bay doors, power generator, altogether 70 tons cargo storage
BV 535 (BV 2)

This generic Fusion Engine-powered structure was one of several generic buildings presented in HexPack Promotion 1 to go with the punchout terrain tiles that came with the promotional DropShip tiles for HexPack: Cities and Roads. According to its Faction Usage entry, it is a generic structure found throughout the Successor States and Periphery. The stated crew is 10 officers, 8 crew, 8 gunners and 61 bay personnell.[1]

For other eras, other versions were also presented: Fortified Command Post (Age of War), Fortified Command Post (FedCom Civil War), and Fortified Command Post (Jihad).


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