Free Guilds

The Free Guilds are those scientists, technicians, merchants, and laborers whose allegiance is to Clan society as a whole and not to any one Clan in particular. They have "leased" their services and transport assets to different Clans for various undertakings.


A Prize for the ilClan[edit]

During the Grand Kurultai's discussions for the invasion of the Inner Sphere, Elias Crichell of the Jade Falcon Clan suggested that whichever Clan conquered Terra would also take control of the Free Guilds. This would provide the victorious "ilClan" with unprecedented resources and manpower. His proposal was accepted enthusiastically by every Clan involved.[1]

The Cost of Contempt[edit]

The Jade Falcons had long regarded the Free Guilds with scorn, an attitude that came back to haunt them in the preparations for Operation Revival. When Khan Elias Crichell authorized the Falcons' bankers to hire a token number of transport ships to augment his Clan's supply vessels, the Free Guilds charged the Jade Falcons an exceptionally high fee for each ship. By contrast, the other invading Clans were offered a reasonable rate.[2]


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