Free Worlds Legionnaires

Free Worlds Legionnairesa.jpg
Free Worlds Legionnaires
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname The bold Experiment [1]
Parent Formation Free Worlds League Military
Formed 3042 [1]


Created from the ashes of the Defenders of Andurien after the Andurien Secession, the Free Worlds Legionnaires were carefully vetted to ensure their loyalty to the Free Worlds League as a whole. They also inherited the tradition of combined-arms warfare from the Defenders. [1]
Over the years the brigade was expanded to 8 commands. All members underwent a fierce screening by SAFE to ensure that the soldiers were loyal first to the League and second to the provinces. The fanatical loyalty was answered when the LCCC rebuilt the destroyed Humphreys Training Academy, renaming it the Legionary Training Academy. Since the reopening all students get a slot after their successful graduation. [1]

Commanding Officer[edit]

General Calderon Benge is the first commanding officer for the new brigade. He started as a scout within the Oriente Hussars. Years later he commands the entire brigade. The general is against the alliance with House Liao and denied all request for joint maneuvers with CCAF troops. [1]


Over 70 percent of the commands within the brigades are upgraded. Two commands fields IS build Omni mechs and one unit (the 4th Legionnaires) spotted some Clan tech to. The supply situation is good and only a few higher ranking formaions have a better priority. [1]

Units of the Free Worlds Legionnaires[edit]


Color Schemes and Unit Insignia[edit]


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