Fuego Lobo

Fuego Lobo
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Liberator
Previous classes Avatar


The Liberator-class cruiser Fuego Lobo was one of a number of WarShips identified as being active within the touman of Clan Jade Wolf following the Refusal War fought between Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf. The flagship of Star Commodore Amel Radick, the Fuego Lobo was the lead ship of the Clan Jade Wolf Naval Reserve - a unit also known as "The Wolf Chariots" - leading a flotilla consisting of a a Volga-class transport, two Monoliths, three Star Lords and three Invaders.[1]

The Fuego Lobo was one of two Liberators identified as serving in the Jade Wolf touman as at January 3059; her sister ship, the Blood Fang, was serving alongside the First Wolf Cavalry Assault Cluster.[1]


Only six Liberators are known to have been created by the Clans, each such cruiser being one of six Avatar-class heavy cruisers that survived the Amaris Civil War and accompanied Commanding General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus. [2] Those six Liberators include the Constantineau, which served with Clan Burrock[3] and then later Clan Star Adder;[4] CJF Gauntlet, in service with Clan Jade Falcon;[5] the Korat, which served with Clan Snow Raven[6] and Clan Smoke Jaguar,[7] and the CCS Spirit In The Sky, in service with Clan Coyote.[8] In 3059 Clan Wolf - the renamed Clan Jade Wolf - was known to have two Liberators serving within its touman, the CWS Jerome Winson and the CWS Victoria Ward in accounts contemporary to those identifying the other four Liberators.[9] It is therefore very likely that the Fuego Lobo and her sister ship Blood Fang were renamed to the Jerome Winson and the Victoria Ward at some point in 3058.


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