Fulk Lassenerra

Fulk Lassenerra (b. 3108[1] - d. 3???) is the saKhan of Clan Hell's Horses and became the voice for the warriors within the touman.

Character History[edit]

Born to follow the Clan Hell's Horses method of battle, Fulk grew to appreciate all roles of combat and how to effectively use them in battle. This was evident when he was able to pass his Trial of Position with the rank of Star Captain and was assigned to the Fire Horse Galaxy. There he gained the attention of Galaxy Commander Tristan Fletcher who made Fulk his aide.[1]

Fulk's view of his beliefs were thrown out of alignment when he followed his Galaxy Commander who was on a mission to challenge Malvina Hazen for the Mongol Doctrine. When he witnessed Tristan brutally killed in the trial, he felt that everything that he was taught was wrong. Under the command of new Galaxy Commander Manas Amirault, Fulk finally was able to flesh out his philosophy and believed that Malvina was interpreting the war doctrine correctly while his entire Clan was doing it wrong.[1]

During Malvina's invasion of the Lyran Commonwealth, Fulk experienced his second change of heart about the Mongol Doctrine. Being a loyal follower since the beginning, it was after the incident on Timkovichi where Clan Jade Falcon WarShips used orbital bombardment on the defenders. This attack opened his eyes to Malvina's madness; when the position of saKhan opened up due to Jeronimo Cobb dying in battle on Hesperus, Fulk along with Khan Gottfried Amirault quickly began to distance their Clan from the Falcons.[1]


Preceded by
Jeronimo Cobb
saKhan of Clan Hell's Horses
3145 - ????

Succeeded by


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