Fury (Individual Concordat-class WarShip)

Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Concordat


All of the Concordat-class frigates to be produced were launched before the end of the Reunification War.[1] A number survived the War, despite the conquest of the various Periphery nations by the Star League Defense Force; seven of these vessels were still actively serving in either the Magistracy of Canopus or Taurian Concordat navies during the closing years of the League.[2]

One of the seven Concordats still in service was the MCS Fury;[3] the only Concordat to be in service with the Magistracy,[2] the Fury was refurbished shortly before the Amaris Civil War, and in April 2765 she was one of twenty-two WarShips serving in the Canopian navy.[3]

While the exact fate of the Fury is unknown, none of the Concordat-class frigates survived the First Succession War.[1]


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