Galatean Defense Force

Galatean Defense League
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation
Formed 3144[1]


The Galatean Defense Force came into being in 3144 as a result of the invasion of Galatea by Clan Jade Falcon, born in December 3144 from the many independent mercenary units that fought alongside the Republic Remnant forces led by Damien Redburn.[1]

The units that merged to form the Galatean Defense Force ranged in size from a single lance up to a full battalion in size, and while the majority of the various units had never worked together, Hansen's Roughriders spent two months working and training with the two regiments, helping to forge unified units from the disparate elements.[1]

The worlds of Alcor, Mizar and Syrma joined Galatea in forming the League, and the regiments of the Galatean Defense League - led by Hansen's Roughriders - were responsible for defending the four worlds. With the signing of a proclamation agreeing mutual support and defense with the Republic Remnant the units of the Galatean Defense League were responsible for assisting with the defense of the Remnant as well, although the League was adamant that it would remain a seperate state from the Remnant.[1]


The Galatean Defense League didn't have a brigade-level commanding officer.[2]

Units of the Galatean Defense Force[edit]

Color Scheme and Unit Insignia[edit]

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