Gamma Galaxy (Clan Goliath Scorpion)

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Gamma Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname The Cave Dwellers
Parent Formation Clan Goliath Scorpion Touman

Gamma Galaxy was the primary defensive unit for the Goliath Scorpion's museums on Roche. Traditionally the unit was commanded by the Goliath Scorpion Loremaster.


Gamma Galaxy was also known as "The Defenders of Moreau's Vision", and spent most of its time training to defend the various museums on Roche. In fact the Third Scorpion Cuirassiers were stationed within the main museum fortress at all times. The warriors of Gamma Galaxy also often petitioned their Clan for permission to join the Seeker movement and frequently this was granted.[1]

The Wars of Reaving[edit]

During the assault against Clan Coyote holdings on Glory in December 3071 Gamma Galaxy accompanied Kindraa Mattila-Carrol of Clan Fire Mandrill in a joint operation. The Fourteenth Scorpion Grenadiers broke the defenders lines and swarmed through while the Mandrills performed a flank attack that ensured victory. [2]

In March of 3073 Gamma Galaxy landed on Foster in an attempt to relieve the siege of the Scorpion enclave of Pillar Prime. Kyrie Ben-Shimon led her Galaxy in a charge on the southern flank of the besieging Clan Coyote forces. The charge overwhelmed a Coyote artillery position but as the Galaxy pushed on the Sixteenth Scorpion Dragoons became exposed to air attack and took severe casualties. The Third Cuirassiers fought off the Coyote air units while the rest of the Galaxy pursued the retreating ground forces. The Coyotes fell back to a terrain of broken forest were they turned to face their pursuers. Close quarter fighting broke out and the Coyotes were reinforced by ProtoMechs and BattleMechs of two additional Clusters. Slowly Gamma Galaxy was whittled down until it found itself overwhelmed. Kyrie Ben-Shimon was killed and the Galaxy was forced to retreat off planet with terrible loss.[3]

The remnant of the Galaxy together with Beta Galaxy and the bulk of the Clan's fleet were ordered back to Foster in June 3073, however they found it empty except for Clan Steel Viper. A Trial of Possession was launched for two of the Viper holdings and the Scorpions granted Safcon. The trials were fought honorably, but the killing of the Viper's commanding officer sparked all out fighting with no quarter given. The Third Cuirassiers supported the First Cateran Cluster in the assault on Firebase Nu. The battle ended when the Scorpions called in orbital bombardment against the Viper positions.[3]

In the aftermath of the fighting on Foster the shattered remnant of Gamma Galaxy was merged into Beta Galaxy. [4]


As of 3061 the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Shaum Djerassi.[1] He was replaced by Kyrie Ben-Shimon in 3067[5] and after her death in March 3073 the Galaxy was commanded for a short time by Colin Yeh.[3]


As a defensive unit, Gamma Galaxy's units tried to flank enemy units and force them into areas that were lined with Elemental units. To expedite this, the Cave Dwellers only engaged as needed to drive enemy forces where the Cave Dwellers wanted them to go.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Naval Assets[edit]



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