Garman Doucette

Garman Doucette was a former high ranking AFFS officer who supported the Malagrotta Association and Filtvelt Coalition.[1]


Born on Armington in 3021, he received a chance to improve his life by earning a scholarship to the Filtvelt Military Academy. His family was killed in his third year at the academy, and he threw himself into his studies. After graduating and earning a position in the 3rd Lyran Regulars, he became known for defending the Outback worlds from those who mocked them. His outspoken nature ruffled many feathers and to save a promising officer the High Command transferred him to a position in the Malagrotta CrMM in 3048. There he worked through the ranks and was made a Major General in 3067. He spent much of the time between the FedCom Civil War and the beginning of the Jihad working to defend the Outback worlds from pirates and working on public works projects to improve the lives of citizens.

After the Jihad began and the Filtvelt Coalition formed, pirate activity in the area increased dramatically. Always a patriot about his heritage, Garman supported the separatist movement of the Malagrotta government. For this action he was excluded from the AFFS. He reluctantly supported the policy of issuing Letters of Marque to pirate bands, but this backfired and allowed the Death's Consorts to overrun the Malagrotta Association. His dream of an independent Malagrotta Association broken, Garman fled and seek to get support from the Filtvelt Coalition.[1]



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