Gauss-Delivered Payload Canisters


Gauss-Delivered Payload Canisters are special rounds designed to be used by man-portable Gauss-based support weapons such as the David Light Gauss Rifle. Developed by the Free Worlds League, these munitions are essentially hollowed-out Gauss slugs which can carry specialty payloads such as liquids or gases. An impact or time-delay trigger, set by the user prior to firing, detonates a small explosive charge, covering an area with the contained payload. Per government policy only non-lethal ordnance such as tear gas is allowed to be deployed by GDPC rounds, although the potential for lethal payloads remains.[1]



Item: GDPC Rounds
Equipment Rating: D/X-X-F/E
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: (D)
Cost/Reload: x2
Affiliation: FW
Notes: For Support Gauss Weapons Only



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