George Rodgers

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Captain George Rodgers (b. ???? – d. ????) was a MechWarrior in the Daggers of Death mercenary command. While there, he piloted a DRG-1N Dragon. Rodgers was commander of the Daggers’ second BattleMech company, the "Dagger-Bs", when the unit was deployed by House Kurita to raid Galtor III in July 3027.

The Galtor Fiasco[edit]

The Daggers of Death landed in completely the wrong area and discovered that the "light resistance" that they had been told to expect was in fact a large force of veteran Davion units. During their fighting withdrawal to the extraction point, Captain Rodgers was separated from the rest of his unit. His Dragon was immobilized by LRM fire from a pair of Davion Archers. By the time his comrades reached him, his 'Mech had been almost smashed to scrap by a Marauder in physical combat. The Daggers rescued the gravely injured Rodgers from the wreckage, but he had lost his legs. While Rodgers could have been given prosthetic replacement legs, it was the opinion of the DropShip's medical officer that the psychological trauma he had suffered in the ordeal was irreparable. He was subsequently given a medical retirement from the unit. [1]


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