Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Star Lord


The Geronimo was a Star Lord-class JumpShip owned and operated by the mercenary unit known as Blanc's Coyotes until at least late 3067. The Geronimo was the cause of Blanc's Coyotes' long absence from the Inner Sphere between 3030 and 3066. The Coyotes ended a 20-year contract with the Federated Suns in 3030 and set out for the Magistracy of Canopus, only for the Geronimo to misjump at some point along the route. The Coyotes emerged in an unknown system, and discovered that the navigational systems on board the Geronimo were fried.[1]

The Coyotes spent a month doing their best to chart local space to work out from bearings where they were, and then jumped the Geronimo again, only to emerge even further into the Periphery and further still off course. The Geronimo then suffered another critical failure when the helium seals ruptured, leaving the Coyotes stranded. The Coyotes discovered radio signals from two of the twelve planets in the system into which the Geronimo had emerged, and evidence of local spacecraft. The Coyotes scouted both worlds and began repairs on the Geronimo, and after brief skirmishes with the inhabitants of the worlds, arranged first for a truce and then for peace and co-operation with the locals. Even with the assistance of the population of the worlds, located within the nation known as the Samoyedic Colonies, it took thirty-three years for the Geronimo to be repaired, with many parts having to be produced locally from raw materials found on the colonies.[1]

When the Geronimo left the Samoyedic Colonies, it was transporting a rather different Blanc's Coyotes than the unit that had arrived a generation before. Many of the original Coyotes had died from diseases present on the Samoyedic worlds that they lacked natural immunity to, even though the local population were able to provide vaccines to help some. Some of the original Coyotes chose to remain on the colony worlds, along with three of the Coyotes' original DropShips and some surplus equipment. Some of the original Coyotes chose to return to the Inner Sphere on the Geronimo, along with their children and new recruits from the colony worlds.[1]

The Geronimo left the Samoyedic Colonies in 3063. It brought two serviceable but very old Overlord-class DropShips with it; the Geronimo was still entirely spaceworthy in 3067, but the various special modifications made the Geronimo such a quirky vessel that only technical staff from the Coyotes were allowed to work on her.[1]


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