Gilgamesh Stables

Gilgamesh Stables
Colors/Badge White & Blue/Stylized Purple G
Stable Profile
Rating C
Faction Affiliation Marik
Units Used
BattleMechs 18 (3013)


Gilgamesh Stables is a new stable trying to grow in the complex Solaris VII world. Rivera's Solaris City townhouse functions as the stables headquarters, the MechWarriors and technical staff are quartered at a chartered facility between Solaris City and Xolara. The facility only hosts enough 'Mech bays for twelve machines at a time. As they have more 'Mechs, this means the stables have to rotate the machines to repair them, which usually leads to issues between the MechWarriors to get their next ride repaired as quickly as possible so they can practice.[1] The Stable has recently acquired a salvaged Zeus assault 'Mech, which leads many observers to suspect it will be soon hiring an assault 'Mech pilot.[2]


Gilgamesh Stables appeared on Solaris City scene in early 3010 putting two of their gladiators in the Top 20 in both 3011 and 3012. The Stable Master enjoys watching his fighters from custom-decor boxes in every major arena, often inviting dignitaries from the Free Worlds League to watch with him. His fighters do not regard him so high less war as four MechWarriors have bought out their contracts out since February 3013, among them 3012's Number 18 Li Chien-lu.[3]

Stable Master and Owners[edit]

Hector Rivera is the Stable Master of Gilgamesh Stables is a native of Thermopolis. He located a rare artifact that enables him to sell his shipping firm for billions and move to Solaris City to "enjoy the good life". Since 3013 he has been under investigation from Solaris City Police Department for several of his last-minute buys that had made large gains, and also for appearing in the ledger of a mid-level Mafia bookie in Montenegro, Morris Chastain. Though no investigation has been able to raise an indictment. He is an expert negotiator and businessman.[4]

Notable Personnel[edit]


  • Terrence LaPlace is a former member of the Free Worlds League Military, former captain of the Marik Militia for fourteen years before retiring and moving to Solaris. Why he retired is unknown, though the day prior to his retirement and travel to Solaris there is a record of a duel being fought. He has made his living teaching MechWarriors to fight in the arenas, finally ascending to weapons master at Gilgamesh in 3011. He is a harsh disciplinarian, who runs his small group of MechWarrior much like a 'Mech lance. Most of this students respond well to this treatment.[5] He is also a Veteran MechWarrior and an expert in BattleMech combat. He is an expert in medium 'Mechs.[2]. He is also the Stable's Weapons Master.
  • Lorenzo Guildenstern is a former member of the Free Worlds League Military and expert in BattleMech combat. He was a former light 'Mech prodigy.[2]
  • Erica Boise[2]


  • Ricardo Stevens is the Senior Technician and the unnoticed reason for much of the stable's success to date. Trained on Atreus he is a consumate technician and engineer, working miracles with the damaged BattleMechs that return from the arena.[6]
  • Lisa Standish is responsible for the care of Henrietta Benazir's Marauder, and being her Number 19 in Top 20 has given her additional resources.[6] She is barely thirty years old and was trained by her parents, technicians in the Second Royal Guards' support section. She grew up on Tharkad, raised by her maternal grandparents when her parents were deployed off-world. When she turned 21 told her parents that se wasn't enlisting in the LCAF. Her skills with damaged weaponry made her easily employable, and Rivera pushed Ricardo Stevens to give her more responsibility.[7]
  • Marco Ariatte is facing a decrease of his resources because of her additional founds to keep Henrieatta's 'Mech. He is often short of needed supplies, and having him assigned the Zeus to make it working again, he is getting additional pressure from the Stablemaster Rivera to make the powerful unit online as soon as possible.[6]


In 3051 29 MechWarriors were fighting for Gilgamesh Stables.[3]

Known MechWarriors[edit]

MechWarrior Era Comments References
Henrietta Benazir Succession Wars Ranked 19th in Solaris Top Twenty [8]
Li Chien-lu Succession Wars Ranked 18th in Solaris Top Twenty. Left after 3012 BBL season [3]
Reginald ap Moore Succession Wars [9]


  • Bianca Jameson is the Stable negotiator, the woman who arranges most of Gilgamesh's bouts and gets the best rates and purses. Her deals with the Solaris Broadcasting Company for the 3013 season have meant that even when the Stables pilots lose, Rivera comes out ahead on re-broadcast right in distant markets. She is a small woman who sues her size to her advantage. Her uncanny ability to size up a room full of investors and identify those who're likely to fund Rivera's ventures. Her skills make she get twice the income that another negotiator might make.[10]

Tactics and Style[edit]

Gilgamesh trains pilots in one school of combat: pound the enemy to scraps with as much firepower as possible as Hector Rivera decreed one rule when he formed the stable: victory. To date the stable's tactics have been marginally successful, but the instructors have had to adjust their training to adapt to the different battlefields of Solaris City arenas. Erica Boise is trying to make the stable adopt a tactic she calls Bulwark: a 'Mech positions itself behind a terrain obstacle and uses superior gunnery to overcome its opponents. This works if the 'Mech is powerful enough, but against mobile enemies, the machine is often flanked and overrun.[11]


As of 3013, the unit rated C level Equipment. The standard contract is for 750 C-Bills and a 15% of the earnings.[12]


Game Rules[edit]

Players may use either the random table or the available to select BattleMechs for use by the Gilgamesh Stables pilots. In any game, roll 2D6 before play begins. On a result of 8 or greater, the Gilgamesh pilot receives a +1 Initiative bonus for 1D6 turns of play.[12]


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