Giovanni Estrella de la Sangre

Giovanni Estrella de la Sangre (Born ???? - ????) is most noted for being the head of Vicore Industries[1] and the Governor of Demeter during the Jihad.


He apparently first came to the notice of the Word of Blake when he, along with several technicians, traveled to Terra to streamline production efforts.[2] De la Sangre was able to get plans for several redesigned BattleMechs and after meeting with the heads of several large military manufacturers, he was able to get several redesigned units into production.[3]

De la Sangre was responsible for bringing Demeter into the Word of Blake Protectorate, an act that led some to consider him the poster boy for peaceful integration into the Protectorate. In early January 3077 de la Sangre vanished from public sight, and official statements that he was indisposed with something akin to the flu were met with skepticism in some quarters. De la Sangre's continuing absence was marked by short-trading of shares in Vicore Industries due to de la Sangre's known major role in the company as well as increased military exercises on the part of the Protectorate Militia. As de la Sangre continued to remain out of sight, the rumours increased in scope, ranging from the possibility that de la Sangre was being blackmailed to speculation that he had been been abducted by a foreign power.[4]

Demeter was subsequently attacked by a task force from the Federated Suns on the 1st of February 3077 as a part of Operation SCOUR, the allied coalition campaign to liberate the worlds of the Protectorate.[5]

On the 30th of April 3078 it was revealed by Colonel Marcel Webb - commanding officer of the Star Seeds mercenary unit and head of security for the allied Coalition - in a news broadcast from Kittery that the reason for Governor de la Sangre's disappearance in 3077 was his capture by Coalition forces. Following his arrest, de la Sangre had been providing the coalition with intelligence, and the news broadcast served to both announced that de la Sangre had been captured and that the Coalition had filed criminal charges against him for a range of crimes including conspiracy to commit genocide, treason, illegal sale of restricted weapons and violation of public trust. The same news broadcast also announced the filing of charges by the allied Coalition against the Word of Blake affiliated individuals known as The Master, Precentor Martial Cameron St. Jamais, Precentor Apollyon, Precentor Naval Gregory Zwick, Precentor Alexander Kernoff, Benjamin Emory, Mary Durant and Parker Steele.[6]



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