Giovanni Mercedes

Giovanni Mercedes (born 28?? - died ????) was the last Loremaster of Clan Mongoose. He would live out the rest of his days stifled by the Smoke Jaguars after they Absorbed his Clan in 2868. At some point he authored a short essay on the life of the Mongoose warriors before their Absorption, which would somehow escape purging by their Jaguar overlords.[1][2]


If not for a copy of his essay falling into the hands of Temuchin Amirault and Clan Hell's Horses some time after the fall of Clan Smoke Jaguar during Operation Serpent, there would likely be no record of Giovanni Mercedes beyond a name, if even that survived. He was described as a voracious writer who would continue his craft after the Absorption, though his work was usually heavily censored or even destroyed by the Jaguar authorities.[1]

Idles of a Loremaster[edit]

In his essay, Loremaster Giovanni Mercedes would go on to talk about what he felt were the true strengths and weaknesses of his former Clan. He would describe the leadership as conflicted and often at cross-purposes with the needs of the Clan. Mercedes felt that the officers and leadership had clung on too long, and increasingly were unable to see the real needs of their Clan. He would cite poor relations and communication between castes - and often within the castes - and associated conflicts that would constantly slow down their progress. To cover for this lack of cohesion and hide their weakness from the rest of the Clans, the Mongoose Khans always kept their Touman busy launching assaults and major offenses against many of their neighbors, such as Clan Blood Spirit[3] and Clan Star Adder.[4][2]

Mercedes would also write of why the Mongoose Khans had always used politics so prolifically. Relating that it was sometimes the only way they could get what they needed due to many setbacks ranging from the events of Operation Klondike, to battles with the Not-Named Clan and the actual fallout from the detonation of atomic weapons so close to their own populations on Circe, Mercedes downplayed the political gambits and intrigues that surrounded Clan Mongoose. But he deeply felt that Mongoose Khans were largely incapable of properly leading the new generations of Mongoose warriors, and instead misused their Clan's true talent until it was too late.[1][5]

Loremaster Mercedes would go on to describe the entire Trial of Absorption, pointing out the flaws and strong points of the Mongoose effort to repulse the Smoke Jaguars, the battles on each of their worlds and in space, and their final stand at Circe. There, the Jaguar Khan Theodore Osis asked for and would receive the right to use Orbital Bombardment against the Mongoose island stronghold of Fianna, a move that killed many warriors, including Mongoose Khan Walter Martindale. Only then were the Jaguars finally able to make their landings on the island-fortress.[2][5]

As an Aerospace Fighter pilot whose pride in the Mongoose flying corps comes through often in his essay, Mercedes fought in the final battle of the Absorption at the city of Tara, laying claim to have taken out six 'Mechs, as well as some infantry, before being shot down. And he would describe the final push, a trap where the Jaguars threw themselves against the heavy and assault forces defending the city, only to be flanked by the quick medium 'Mechs of the Mongoose command Keshik and saKhan Alanah Knox. Her attack would deal heavy damage to Jaguar forces that were led by Khan Osis himself. Of course, Giovanni Mercedes would ultimately acknowledge that the effort was too late. Soon the Absorption was complete, their lives belonged to the Smoke Jaguars.[2][5]


Of his biological legacy, it would be cast aside by the Smoke Jaguars along with all of the rest of the Mongoose Bloodlines. But as an Aerospace Fighter pilot, there is a good chance that his legacy was saved inadvertently by Clan Cloud Cobra when they would later launch a long series of Trials to obtain over 70 legacies of the best Aerospace Pilots of the former Clan Mongoose.[6]

Of his historic legacy, his surviving essay on the daily life of his Clan is all that separates him from oblivion. The finding of an essay seemingly untouched by the hands of the harsh Jaguar masters has resurrected the voice of Giovanni Mercedes, if only as a brief message from the past.

"While our future is sealed as a Clan and individuals, that of the Clans is not. Our contribution to the Clans as a whole will live on. I can only hope that our story lives on with it."

--(Excerpt) Clan Mongoose, Giovanni Mercedes[1]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Loremaster of Clan Mongoose

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