Gladius (Individual Union-class DropShip)

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union


The Gladius was a DropShip in service to House Marik. In 3027 it carried His Grace Lord Garth, Duke of Irian, and elements of the Irian Guard to Sirius V. It remained in orbit until the world had surrendered to the Gray Death Legion.

Immediately after the Gray Death Legion's DropShips left the planet, Garth's forces committed the Tiantan Massacre. To frame the Gray Death Legion for the deed, at least four BattleMechs in the Gladius' 'Mech bay were repainted to resemble Gray Death Legion BattleMechs, and the Gladius itself was repainted with new insignias to resemble a Gray Death Legion DropShip. In this context it was noted that one Union-class DropShip looks very much like another, confirming this class for the Gladius.[1]


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  • The Price of Glory (cited references refer to the PDF edition; page numbers may differ for print edition)