Glory Station Garrison Cluster (Clan Jade Falcon)

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Clan Jade Falcon Logo
Glory Station Garrison Cluster
Unit Profile (as of unknown)
Parent Formation Clan Jade Falcon Touman
Formed unknown

A second line Clan Jade Falcon unit.


Glory Station Garrison Cluster is known for defending the genetic legacy of Star Colonel Kael Pershaw against the 16th Battle (Clan Wolf). [1] Cluster was a mix of trueborns and freeborns.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Glory Station Garrison Cluster
Star Colonel Kael Pershaw 30??[2]


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Composition History[edit]

As of Glory Station Battle[2] Composed of 4 Trinaries. One trinary consisted of 15 'Mechs and 75 Elementals Three trinaries were comprised of BattleMechs only.


Game Rules[edit]


Some notable personal served in this unit, Star Captain Joanna who later became renown for killing Natasha Kerensky, [3] as well as Star Commander Aidan who later became Aidan Pryde, and Horse Jade Falcon.


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