Golden Hind (Individual WarShip)

Golden Hind
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip


The SLS Golden Hind was the winner of the Best WarShip category of the 2692 Martial Olympiad.[1] In 2739 one of the AeroSpace Fighter squadrons stationed aboard the Golden Hind was the 711th Fleet Interceptor Squadron, one of the squadrons within the Seventh Fleet and under the command of the overall commander of the Seventh Fleet's AeroSpace commander, Vice Admiral Lucien Peterson. Peterson was aboard the Golden Hind when a shuttle pilot named Joan Brandt engaged in a fierce, reckless, unauthorised and highly skilled mock combat exercise involving two fighters from the Free Worlds League. Peterson intervened in the disciplinary proceedings against Brandt, transferring Brandt to the 711th and beginning what would be a meteoric career for Brandt, culminating in her overall command of one of the three theatres of Operation CHIEFTAIN during the Hegemony Campaign.[2]

In 2765 the SLS Golden Hind was serving as the command vessel of the Star League Defense Force Seventh Fleet under the command of Admiral Salman Venizelos; the SLS Golden Hind was stationed in the Free Worlds League region of the Star League at this point, and would have deployed into the Magistracy of Canopus alongside the rest of the Seventh Fleet when the Periphery Uprising began.[3]


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