Gotterdammerung Society

Unit Profile (as of 3034)
Disbanded 3034 ("shattered"); remnant continued as guerilla force until at least 3036
Armor Yes

The Gotterdammerung Society {sic} were a mercenary unit described as a small tank unit. Rated as 'veteran' mercenaries of questionable loyalty and with a poor equipment rating of "D",[1] they nevertheless brought considerable artillery assets to the field as of 3034[2] in the form of Thumper, Sniper, and/or Long Tom artillery pieces.


Hired by "angry politicos" from the Lyran Commonwealth,[3] the Gotterdammerung Society took part in the Ronin Wars of 3034. They were deployed to Gunzburg from August 3034, where they took moderate losses of up to twenty-five percent, through September 3034, where they ceased to function as a fighting force and surrendered to their opponents.[1]

Over the course of the fighting, they reportedly swarmed famous Free Rasalhague Republic officer Tor Miraborg's Grasshopper during an ambush by the Draconis Combine's ronin 211th Mechanized Assault Command. Miraborg ejected when his 'Mech was downed, and was scarred.[3]
However, given that the Gotterdammerung Society was sponsored by the Lyran Commonwealth it seems unlikely that they would have sided with the ronin to fight against Miraborg's Rasalhague force; this incident may be a misreporting instead, mixing the event up with the later battle in 3036. In that year, the Gotterdammerung Society's remnant, still fighting on Gunzburg as a guerilla force, confronted Tor Miraborg in battle and he was again wounded, in this case suffering a crippling injury to his spine that would famously confine him to a wheelchair fortwith.[4]


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