Green Machine

The Green Machine
Unit Profile (as of 3085)
CO Colonel Maxwell Green
JumpShips no
DropShips yes
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry no


The Green Machine mercenary command often provided decent, if uninspired, service for their employers. They usually accepted contracts about security duties. Over the years, experienced soldiers left the command. These soldiers reduced the command's experience level, and in turn affected their financial picture. During the Clan Invasion the AFFC assigned the unit to another garrison contract on the Lyran Commonwealth world of Kowloon. Later they were reassigned to the Federated Commonwealth/St. Ives Compact border world of Purvo.[1] War games in 3066 resulted in the Green Machine being totally destroyed by the Purvo planetary militia. After this poor showing they relocated to Westerhand, where they were hired by the Capellan Confederation during the opening years of the Jihad. They garrisoned Ares.[2]

In 3117 they were hired by the Calderon Protectorate. While defending the nation, they avenged a militia force that was destroyed on Carvajal. The Green Machine landed on the world while the Dominars pirate band was present, and destroyed them.[3]


As of 3085 the commanding officer was Colonel Maxwell Green.[4]


The unit drilled at the moment to expand their experience in urban combat.


The one DropShip can transport the entire unit at once. The technical staff can provide sufficient support.

Dragoon Ratings[edit]


Dragoon Rating: F

Composition History[edit]


The Green Machine (Regiment/Green/Questionable)[5]


The Green Machine(1 Battalion/Green/Questionable)

  • CO/Alpha Company: Colonel Maxwell Green
  • Bravo Company: Captain Joel Willard
  • Charlie Company: Captain Phyllis Margrove

- The 1st and 3rd company fields light/medium 'Mechs, because the 2nd contains the heaviest machines.


The Green Machine (1 Regiment/Veteran/Questionable) | 75% strength | 20% Upgraded | Assigned to Ares[6]


Green Machine (1 Battalion/Regular/Questionable)[4]

  • CO: Colonel Maxwell Green



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