Gristwood Weir

Gristwood Weir
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip


The Gristwood Weir was a merchant JumpShip which had the misfortune to be mistaken for a raider vessel by elements of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces in the Canal system in December 2581. Canal had just been the subject of a raid conducted by a company-sized force from the Rim Worlds Army - a raid conducted in retaliation for the Star League Defense Force conquest of several Rim Worlds Republic planets in the proceeding seven months as part of the Star League intervention in the Rim Worlds Republic civil war - and the local LCAF were in pursuit of the retreating Republican forces when they mistook the Gristwood Weir for the JumpShip that had transported the raiders to the system. The Gristwood Weir took damage when the LCAF fired on it, although it apparently survived the incident.[1]


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