Product information
Type Short story
Author Craig A. Reed
Pages 24
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 13 November 2009
Era Jihad era
Timeline 1 April-17 September 3070

Groundpounder is a short story by Craig A. Reed that was published online on BattleCorps on 13 November 2009.

Teaser text[edit]

Life is change--change in profession, change in status, change in nation. Change is never easy, nor painless, and some pay a higher price than others in this tale of an Outworlds Alliance pilot.

Plot summary[edit]

Guardian Corbin "Razor" St. Cyr used to be a top-notch pilot with the Alliance Aerospace Arm, until another aerospace fighter crashed into his during a flight show. St. Cyr chose to stay in his stricken craft to steer it over the onlookers' stands. He saved many lives and was later awarded the Pitcairn Star, the Outworlds Alliance's highest (and usually posthumous) honor, but the injuries from the crashlanding ended his piloting career. Hailing from a family of aerospace pilots going back to at least his great-grandfather, St. Cyr is devastated but remains in the military nevertheless.

Three years later, in 3070, St. Cyr is serving as a scout in a Packrat vehicle he named Groundpounder for Third Battalion, First Long Road Legion. On 15 September he is patrolling Kanshee Forest on Risin, hoping to meet up with Dr. Danaka Hemmer with whom he had formed a friendship after saving her from a drunk molesting her at a reception. En route to the small mining town of Peladona were Dr. Hemmer is guiding a team of Clan Snow Raven scientists to compare medical notes, St. Cyr is alarmed of a potential orbital insertion in the general area. He finds pirate BattleMechs operating in the area. They have taken Peladona and taken the inhabitants—including Dr. Danaka Hemmer and her Snow Raven charges—prisoner.

St. Cyr brazenly attacks the pirates to distract them while the Alliance Aerospace Arm scrambles fighters. As it turns out, the approaching fighters are piloted by old friends of St. Cyr's, with a pair of Clan Snow Raven aerospace fighters in attendance as welcome "guests" because of the Snow Raven scientists involved. They destroy the 'Mechs in short order.

The Snow Ravens are sufficiently impressed with St. Cyr's dedication, determination and skill to recognize him as a warrior. On recommendation of Star Commander Reider Cooper, the Snow Raven saKhan extends an offer to allow his scientists to restore St. Cyr's flight fitness. St. Cyr is also promoted to the officer rank of Supervisor, to partake in an officer exchange program with the Snow Ravens. As it turns out, Dr. Hemmer impressed scientist-doctor Briseis during the crisis and has been invited to Baliggora for medical training with the advanced Clan technology, including reconstructive surgery. St. Cyr agrees, as he also happens to carry a small box with a gold ring on him—he was going to propose to Dr. Danaka Hemmer.

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