Guardian (Individual Excalibur-class DropShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Excalibur (Pocket WarShip variant)
Previous classes Excalibur

The Guardian was an Excalibur-class DropShip in service to the Federated Commonwealth. Its commanding officer was known to be a strong supporter of Prince Victor Steiner-Davion when the FedCom Civil War was brewing.[1]

The Guardian was reportedly retrofitted with a Naval-grade PPC (which would be illegal under current DropShip construction rules).[1] While this was later confirmed to be false and described as an "erroneous depiction in recent holoflicks,"[2] the seed of truth in this is that the Guardian was one of the initial batch of seven Excaliburs refitted to the "Excalibur Pocket WarShip" specifications.[2]

When forces loyal to Katherine Steiner-Davion commandeered the Avalon-class battlecruiser Robert Davion in dock at Kathil's McKenna Shipyards on 29 November 3062, the Guardian was among the forces to resist the coup. In response, Admiral Kerr ordered the Robert Davion's two aft type fifty-five lasers be fired into the Guardian as she moved into position behind the Robert Davion. Both lasers hit at least three times, silencing its drive flares and leaving the ship tumbling towards the planet.[1]

An (unnamed) Octopus-class tug moved after the damaged ship on a high-g burn and it was thought the tug would be able to get the Guardian under control before it crashed.[1] However, it was later noted that the Guardian (mentioned only as the Excalibur that the Robert Davion had fired at) had been shot to scrap, indicating the damage was beyond repair.[3]

Another source[2] reported that the Guardian was destroyed when it rammed the Robert Davion.


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