Gunner's Daughter

Gunner's Daughter
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Fortress


The Gunner's Daughter was a Fortress-class DropShip operated by Paget's War Ponies, the third regiment within the 12th Star Guards, until the Star Guards were destroyed as a unit during the Clan Invasion. Paget's War Ponies never made it off Icar, having either been destroyed fighting against Clan Wolf or forced to surrender. Gunner's Daughter was the exception; loaded with support personnel and artillery pieces which were being unloaded by Captain Napoleon Hobart at the time of the attack, Hobart's presence of mind saw the Gunner's Daughter escape before it could be overrun by Elementals and captured.[1]

Hobart rolled the surviving elements of the War Ponies together as the basis of a new mercenary unit, Thor's Hammers;[1] it is likely that the Gunner's Daughter remained in service with the Hammers.


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