H-T Spec-7a (Machine Pistol)

People's Protection's H-T Spec-7a Machine Pistol.


The H-T Spec-7a Machine Pistol is a type of Machine-Pistol which was used in the Draconis Combine. The Spec-7a Model was produced by People's Protection starting in 3053. It was a drastic improvement to the century-old H-T Spec-5a which had horrible reliability issues. The reliable 7a is typically used by the Draconis Combine's intelligence services as a Hold-Out style weapon.

The gun features an integral flash and sound suppressor to keep its user from drawing unwanted attention. One of few downsides is that its forward handhold must be removed in order to reload.[1]


Specification for ATOW RPG Game[edit]

Item: People's Proprotection H-T Spec-7a Machine Pistol
Equipment Rating: D/X-X-D/D
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 4B/2B
Range: 5/15/32/70 meters
Power Points per Shot: 7
Cost/Reload: 190/25
Affiliation: DC
Mass/Clip: 1.2kg/200g
Notes: Burst 7; Recoil -1; Includes Sound and Flash Suppressor[2]

Specification for Total Warfare Construction Rules[edit]

Infantry Weapon Type: Small Arms
Tech (Rating): IS (D)
Class/Type (Damage Type): Small / Standard (B)
Base Range: 0
Damage (Each): .13
Weight of Weapon/Ammo(Shots): 1.2 kg / 0.2 kg (7/1)
Crew: 1[3]


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