Hadrian Mechanized Industries

Hadrian Mechanized Industries
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Pompey
Primary Products Aerospace Fighter

Hadrian Mechanized Industries is the second-largest manufacturing concern in the Marian Hegemony.[1] Originally a producer of APC's and other light combat vehicles, HMI found itself in trouble after Marian Arms Incorporated started to produce the same type of equipment. In response Hadrian Mechanized Industries started developing new products.[2]


After the company nearly went out of business in 3069 the CEO was replaced by Luboslaw Zalenski.[3] His first act was to use HMI's experience in building the Harasser hovertank to add a production line for the SRM Carrier. Five years later, Zalenski approached the Hegemony government with a proposal to produce Shilone fighters. The government agreed, and HMI licensed the design from the Outworlds Alliance. Hadrian has since produced at least a score of these fighters for the Hegemony Armed Forces.[4]

The Pompey plant suffered no losses during the Jihad.[5] Despite the best efforts of local crime gangs to extort money from the company, Hadrian Mechanized Industries employed thousands of people from Nola, the city where the main plants were located.[6]

In 3081 rumours were circulating that, in response to the orders given by Caesar Cassius O'Reilly that the industrial base of the Marian Hegemony be expanded to avoid the chance of a single strike shattering military production for the entire realm, the Hadrian Mechanized plant on Pompey was expanding its production to include BattleMechs.[7]


Hadrian Mechanized Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planet:


Components produced on Pompey:[6]
Component Type
Aerospace Fighter
Shilone[6] Medium Aerospace Fighters (As of 3074)
AC/2 Carrier[6] Tracked Vehicles
Laser Carrier[6] Tracked Vehicles
Tracked APC[6] Tracked Vehicles
Harasser[6] Hovercraft
SRM Carrier[6] Tracked Vehicles


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