Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Zechetinu II


The FWLS Haptopoda was one of the second block of Zechetinu-class corvettes to be launched by the Free Worlds League between 3059[1] and 3067.[2] More than half the fleet of Zechetinus in service to the League had been secretly infiltrated by personnel loyal to the Word of Blake and promptly defected to the Blakists during the Jihad, but the Haptopoda was one of the ships that remained in loyalist hands.[3]

When the Free Worlds League disbanded the Haptopoda became a part of the black water navy of the Principality of Regulus, serving as the RPS Haptopoda alongside a sister ship, the RPS Attica,[4] and the Thera-class carrier RPS Delos. The Haptopoda survived the Jihad and the Regulan campaign that saw several worlds rendered uninhabitable by nuclear bombardment as a part of their fanatical war against the Blakists; with the Regulan capture of Clipperton and the shipyards there the Haptopoda and Delos had access to repair facilities, placing them at a relative advantage compared to the only other WarShip fleet in the region, that of the Duchy of Oriente.[5]


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