Harlock's Warriors

Harlock's Warriors: Gladiators United
Unit Profile (as of 3085)
CO Colonel Thomas
JumpShips no
DropShips yes
Aerospace yes
Armor no
Infantry no


The Harlock Warriors were formed after a Chain Gang raid in 2825 on Kobe. Most of the unit's warriors were the survivors of a bandit unit or the Chain Gang. The unit first worked for the Free Worlds League and later the Federated Commonwealth. During this time, the unit reached regimental strength with conventional forces support. During the FedCom Civil War they fought for the allied side. The command liberated Small World.[1]

In 3069 during the Jihad, the planet Errai was assaulted by the Word of Blake's Sixth Division. After conducting a guerrilla campaign, the defending mercenaries retreated to Markab. Attempts to negotiate a new contract with the 2nd Robinson Rangers failed, though the Warriors were allowed to rebuild on Markab. In 3071 a battalion of 10th Ghost 'Mechs landed on the Warrior's base while most of the unit was out training. The 10th butchered the unit and left only four companies.[2]


In 3025 the unit is commanded by Colonel Rodney Viel.[3]

As of 3067 Colonel Thomas lead the command with usual skills.[clarification needed] [1] He was killed in the fighting with the 10th Ghost regiment in 3071. Lieutenant-Colonel Kenneth Petruzzelli took command of the Warriors and was also in 3085 in command of the unit.[2][4]

In 3145, the commanding officer was Colonel Magdalen Vu.[5]


The unit prefers to fight in single duels.[1]


The techs can cover the normal demands and the unit can transport most of their assets.[1]

Dragoon Ratings[edit]


Dragoon Rating: B[1]


Rating: B[5]

Composition History[edit]


Harlock's Warriors (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[6]

  • CO: Colonel Rodney Viele


Harlock's Warriors (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[7]


Harlock's Warriors (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[8]

  • CO: Colonel Samantha Viele


Harlock's Warriors (1 Regiment/Green/Reliable)[1]

  • CO: Colonel Larette Thomas
  • XO: Major Kenneth Petruzzelli

- Mainly mobile medium designs

Faraday's Falcons(1 Squadron/Regular/Reliable)[1]

  • Squadron Commander: Captain Michael Faraday


Harlock's Warriors (Reinforced Battalion/Regular/Reliable)[2] The warriors were reduced to a four-company BattleMech unit after the raid by the 10th Ghost. They also lost many of their support assets, and their Aerospace assets were lost on Errai.[2]


Harlock's Warriors (2 Battalions/Veteran/Reliable)[4]

  • CO: Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Petruzzelli


Harlock's Warriors (2 Battalions/Veteran/Reliable)[5]

  • CO: Colonel Magdalen Vu[5]
- As of 3145 Harlock's Warriors were operating at eighty percent of full strength and were stationed on Vincente.[5]



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