Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Faslane


The RoSS Harmonia was one of four Faslane-class Yardships the Republic of the Sphere either salvaged or received from ComStar following the conclusion of the Word of Blake Jihad. All four Faslanes helping to bolster production in the Terran systems after the heavy damage suffered by the O'Neil and Titan Shipyards during Operation SCOUR, the Harmonia and her sisterships were decommissioned and mothballed in the late 3120s following the loss of the RoSS Iustitia in an industrial accident in 3117. With the enactment of Fortress Republic, a number of Republic naval commanders began pressing for the reactivation of the Harmonia and her sisterships to bolster naval production, but safety concerns and the potential impact on state security such a reactivation would entail meant that by 3145 no serious consideration was given to such ideas.[1]


The former ComStar name of the Harmonia is unknown, thus a separate article has been created until its previous identity is confirmed.


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